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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Musings and Mumblings

This is my birthday week. One day during the next week, I'll turn 68. A young 68, you understand. On my birthday, I'll be seeing a lazic surgeon about removal of a cataract. One of those old-age things. Pffftttt.

Instead of dwelling, I'd like to impart a lesson I've learned on those younger than I. If you have a dream, make it happen. Now! Now while you're in your younger years. Don't wait until your sixties like I did. We all know the saying, "Follow your dreams." I don't really like it. I'd followed mine for nearly fifty years...a lot of good that did me.

No, instead, I say "State your dreams, then live your life so bodaciously that they have to work like hell to keep up with you."

My first published book was in 2011. Since then, I've published nine more books plus six novellas. I've moved from a smaller publisher to one of the Big Five. I'm preparing to self-publish books I've gotten rights back to. I have other goals. Goals I'm almost embarrassed to share for they make me seem better than I really am. It's just I'm living my life least until my dreams catch up.

One does have to maintain a degree of practicality when stating his or her dreams. For example, I'd enjoy being an obstetrician, bringing new babies into the world. But since I can't handle the sight of a knife cutting flesh, I could never perform Caesarians. Poof. There goes that dream or any thought of being a surgeon. I don't have the natural inclination. I was born with a queasy stomach. I could never be a rocket scientist since looking at a math formula freezes my brain quicker than a large bowl of ice cream. I lack that natural inclination.

So, what are your dreams? The thing in the secret part of your soul you feel you MUST do to be truly happy? Is it a practical one for you and your natural inclinations? Forget whether an expert says you have talent or not. How many experts have been proven wrong? Sometimes we just have to listen to the outcries of our soul. What it longs to do. What it requires to flourish.

Don't put it off. Don't allow other's opinions or expectations of what you should be doing instead stand in your way. Live your life bodaciously, work hard so your dreams have to scramble to keep up.

You might be surprised with what you can achieve.


Angela Adams said...

Great advice. Happy Birthday!

Vonnie Davis said...

Thank you, Angela.

Book Reviews Just For Fun said...

Vonnie, I love your letter. Not speaks to what every woman should do, starting when she's like about 20. Like a lot of women, I wish I had too. You're an inspiration, Vonnie.

Valerie Bargewell.