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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Musings and Mumblings

Is it November yet?

I love my country; I really do. There's none better. But as we travel abroad and talk to family members there, we hear a very different version of how things are than what politicians tell us. Socialist medicine is not as slow or second class as we're led to believe. Medicines are cheaper, if not free. College educations are often free. Scotland, for example, offers free tuition to her residents. So does Germany and many more. Public transportation reduces the need for cars and thus pollution. Calvin's son lived in Berlin for over 12 years before he broke down and bought a car.

That's not to say they don't have their problems. Like our great country, they do.

And, they're watching our candidates with concern, astonishment, humor--and fear. Just like many of us. I do have a candidate I prefer over the other. But none whom I'm passionate about. None whom I adore. For me, it's become the lesser of two evils. And I'll admit to being a little woobly-wabbly on that individual. As I've said before, I keep asking myself, "Is this the best America has to offer? Are these two the cream of the crop? If so, God help us!"

Again I challenge you to educate yourselves. Read. Don't believe what newscasters tell you. Many have an agenda of their own. Research. Read. Make an educated choice. AND vote! Please, please vote with your educated minds.

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Angela Adams said...

Very well said, Vonnie!