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Monday, October 31, 2016

I'm So Cheap, You Gotta Love Me! -- Monday Musings

HERS TO HEAL, book two in the Black Eagle Ops series, releases in twenty-one days. I can't wait for you to meet Reece, Gina, and little Piper, who will quickly tell you she's the next thing to a genius. She wants a daddy of her own. Her mother doesn't date. And Reece? Well, Reece can't run fast enough to escape the six-year old with bouncy blond curls, especially when she's got her little hands snagged in his heart. But a team of Russian child abductors are snatching blond young girls for human trafficking. And no one is taking little Piper away from this battle-hardened warrior. He'll take a bullet for her or her momma in a minute.

To generate some buzz in the series, Loveswept has reduced the price of book one, HER SURVIVOR, to 99 cents. Dustin has seen and felt the hells of war. Now he's finding a taste of heaven in the arms of a feisty woman who's hiding dark secrets of her own..

In this book, you'll get to meet the townsfolk of Warrior Falls and learn the myth behind Wounded Warrior Falls in the Hill Country of Texas. It's a slower pace of living where everyone knows everybody's business. And former SEALs coming into the area to stay and heal at their former commander's ranch are looked on with much curiosity.

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Angela Adams said...

I love Reece already...and, I haven't even met him yet! Can't wait for this release!!