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Saturday, November 5, 2016

"Her Survivor" is a Bargain at 99 Cents!

My publisher put HER SURVIVOR on BookBub this week, reducing its price to 99 cents for a few weeks. Ah, the power of Book Bub! For that day I reached some nice heights, or rankings. I was very pleased because we were hoping to generate overall interest in the series with book two, HERS TO HEAL, releasing on the 22nd. And pre-sale orders for book two  did see a definite uptick.

My heights reached that day were:
  • #36 on Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon's Movers and Shakers
  • #12 on Barnes & Noble NOOK
  • #42 on Apples iTunes Books

But, alas, the rankings change like the wind. I stayed in the top 100 on a few lists for the next day, but slowly, slowly, slide downward.

Really, I think I'm glad all that high flying is over. Poor Calvin was checking my rankings every half-hour, reporting them to me. I was stretched tighter than a size 12 girdle on a size 22 behind. I didn't write a word the whole day. I mean, who can enter a calm, creative state to hear your characters speak to you when you're worried about numbers?

As most of you know, we've had a stressful time here at the Davis household. Calvin had a minor heart attack almost two weeks ago and spent four days in the hospital. He's fine and wearing a heart monitor. The cardiologists feel his heart is out of rhythm. The night I found him flat on his back in the hallway, unconscious was a moment or two of sheer horror. 911 sent two ambulances. One was for Calvin and I think the other one was for the crazy, incoherent woman who made the phone call. What can I say? The man is my other half. My biggest supporter. My emotional rock. That's why I love writing romance so much. I put one of Calvin's many fine qualities into every hero.

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