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Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Musings: How does it feel to be a Hybrid Author? by Vonnie Davis

A writer who has traveled both paths to publication. Traditional publishers with a contract and self-publishing where you, the author, hire an editor, cover designer, and do all the marketing yourself.

When phrased like that, going traditional sounds better. But few good writers are able to get a contract. Editors want books written to the market. It makes no difference how well your book is written; if an editor doesn't see dollar signs, your literary baby won't be contracted. And, once it's contracted, you'll have roughly an 18 month wait until it releases. You can have 3 or 4 other books written by then.

When you self-publish, you get to write about what you want. For example, I can use my off-the-wall sense of humor. I can write to please my readers not my publisher's bottom line. I can write about the characters in my brain, not the ones dictated to me. There's more creativity control.

But, as I read other Indie authors, I realize we have to be edited to death to make us come off as professional writers. There are minor mistakes our eyes just don't grasp--and I include myself in this assessment.

Let's not even mention plot holes or mundane dialog or characters that are about as appealing as a case of poison ivy on your privates.

I never planned on going Hybrid. I didn't think I had a large enough following to make the gamble worth it. I still might not. But, for various reasons, I'm giving it a try.

Some of my indie works will be new editions of previously published works, like my award-winning STORM'S INTERLUDE and the RED HAND CONSIPIRACY, a three-book series set in Paris, Budapest, and Berlin. Handsome government agents, plucky women, terrorists--and humor, lots of humor. Some of my indie works will be new works, like my holiday read UP THE CHIMNEY. You see, I enjoy doing my own thing. I only hope my readers enjoy what my creativity produces for them. I'll keep you informed.


Rolynn Anderson said...

Vonnie, as you know I'm a hybrid and have been since 2013. Best move I ever made. I already talked to you about the InD'Tale conference, but will add a couple comments about Jennifer Ashley. She started publishing when Indie was a gleam in our eyes, so she's seen it all. Like you, she writes in many genres. She has written 90 books across at least four genres and she is living proof that if writers like our stories and our voice, we can write what we damn well please. I think of your work the same way. I really wish you could have heard her two talks...she writes for trad. pubs but she also puts out books she wants to write. She does have an agent to help...she taught him how indie publishing works. Amazing woman...just like you. I'm so glad you're a hybrid, girl!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Thanks, Rolynn, and congrats for your placing in the RONE. I'll accept any advice since this is another steep learning curve for me. I just conquered the fear of putting together and sending out newsletters. There's always something new to conquer. Can we hope it keeps our minds young?

Angela Adams said...

Looking forward to the holiday read!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I hope you enjoy it, Angela. My grandson, when he was in first grade, is one of the secondary characters. He's a father now, but he loved when women wore "wipstick."