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Friday, October 14, 2016

Finding My Voice Again

A writer's voice is very important. It's how a reader instantly recognizes your work. The way you put words together or begin a story or set up a scene. Somewhere along the way, I lost mine. Or had it edited out of me.

I was told to dummy down my writing. Use smaller words. Make my plots thinner...heck, if I could make anything thinner it would be my waistline. Write younger and not like an old woman. Hell, I'm 68, how am I supposed to sound? And, a toughie for me, no humor.

So I tried to write according to the criteria dictated to me and lost myself and my voice in the process.

I'm working very hard to get it back. How? By writing. Writing and more writing. I wrote a novella for Christmas and it took me forever because I didn't know how to be me anymore. I rewrote that dratted thing several times. My first draft was as dry as an over-roasted turkey. Nothing made me smile. I went over it again. Deleted. Added. Cried. Reworked that sucker. Cried some more.

Eventually, UP THE CHIMNEY, was ready for self-publication. And today, I got a five star review that made me smile until my cheeks hurt. I'll share the first paragraph ... "I love Christmas but I don't ever read Christmas stories, or stories about Christmastime. I just don't care for them. But c'mon! This is Vonnie frikkin' Davis here! I LOVED her Highland Series and I'm a fan. And with VD (heheh) ya know it's gonna be a good experience (chuckling). This story is par for the course. Starting out the gate with humorous action, immediately roping in my interest."



Angela Adams said...

Congrats on the review. Funny, but I never thought of you as "Vonnie Frikkin' Davis" (smile!).

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Neither did I, Angela, that's what tickled my funny bone so much. I needed it after the stress of the last couple months.

Barbi Davis said...

I am so happy we didn't lose our Vonnie "Fikkin" Davis !!! Can't wait to get this !!!!
Love you 💖💖💖💖💖