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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Effie's Coming Back!

She's been the pink glue that's held my Highlander Beloved Series together. Pink-haired, pink-clad, cra-cra granny Effie. A Virginia transplant to the Highlands of Scotland. A hippie from Woodstock. A magical force. A real pip. And everyone who read the series loved her.

She's had many moments in each book. It didn't take her long to make her mark in book one. Scene one, in fact...

She wore pink pelican bedroom slippers, called baffies in Scotland. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder was her perfume of choice. And no color pleased her more than pink, unless it was the color of skin under a Scott's kilt. But we'd best not go there.

We found out in book two she was a witch, a protector of those weaker and in need of help and protection.

In book three, she imitated Aretha Franklin singing "Respect," using a dildo as a microphone.

Now, in book four, she's back in full-force. She's conned her younger granddaughter to come to Scotland and she's got matchmaking on her mind. Who? Effie's new husband's nephew--Dr. Thane Matheson, who's not ready to halt his women-chasing ways even if his bear claims Willow Munro is the one for Thane.

We all know Effie loves a challenge.