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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Remember the heroines of old romances? Weepy, frightened, needy, virginal women who needed a man to complete them--you remember the type. They agonized over every decision for pages and pages until one's eyes glazed over. They allowed life to wear them down. They put up with a man's guff.

I much prefer the heroines of today--street wise, brave, intelligent, gutsy and aware of their sensuality. Take Evie my current heroine, for example. She's trapped in an oppressive situation, but not for long. She has plans; she's working hard.

Evie is a cowgirl. She keeps her ranch afloat even though her piddling one-third of ownership is overshadowed by her partying brother's two-thirds. Life hasn't been fair to my heroine, but she spits in its eye everyday and gets the job done. It's her dream that keeps her going. That and the grit she inherited from her moma.

Some nights Evie waits tables at a nearby honky tonk. She can be quite the sensation in her denim mini-skirt and her red cowgirl boots. When she takes the mic and belts out a song, well, the many cares of her life melt away. But that's not all that melts. One certain man in that honky tonk melts, too. His life will never be the same again--which is a good thing, cause every man needs a strong woman.

So, tell me, what are your dreams? Do your dreams add to your strength? Mine is to captivate readers with my stories, and I'm the stronger woman for it. How about you?


Mona Risk said...

Vonnie--I have the same dream as you. To share my stories with my readers. I like your word better: to captivate readers with my stories. Here's a toast to captivating readers.
Please follow my blog if you are not already doing that. Thank you.

A.M. Kuska said...

Well you certainly captured me with your description. ^^ That's exactly the sort of heroine I like to read about! She's a little bit like the main character in my fantasy novel.

Speaking of...I wanted to invite you to its book launch! If you have time at all, please stop by my blog on April 17th at for my launch party. I'm inviting all my favorite bloggers and you of course, are a favorite. ^^

Unknown said...

I want my readers to feel like they were getting off a roller-coaster ride they knew was safe anyway, but had a whole lot of fun hollerin' and screamin' in the meantime.