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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Once More With Extra Feeling

I thought long and hard about revamping the Red Hand Conspiracy Series. I had such a good time writing it, yet the series didn't sell well. Was it because of the titles I'd chosen? I'm not the best at that. My recent editors always change them, and I'm not always pleased with their choices. But what do I know?

Could it have been the covers? I loved the covers The Wild Rose Press created for the series.

Could I chalk it up to my being relatively unknown? Heck, I'm still a minor blip on the romance writers' scale.

Yet, the fact remains I loved those books. They took me back to Paris, my favorite city to the magical times Calvin and I spent there. I'd gotten the rights back, so I could spruce them up and freshen the technology used. Add and delete as needed.

What fun I had doing it.

I changed the series name from the Red Hand Conspiracy to Paris Intrigue. I self-published book one on April 25th.

Book two releases on June 13th

Book three will come out sometime the end of August

You know I write bear shifter books and contemporary romance. I'd stopped thinking of myself as a
romantic suspense author. Now I have to add that sub-genre to what I write. I'm not really known for suspense. Readers have to wonder if I can effectively write it. I like to think I can...or hope so, anyhow.

What is the series about?

The first two books contain American female travelers in Paris who attract the attention of Red Hand, a terrorist group. They're put under the protective care of French counterterrorism agents as they also try to find and apprehend gang members. The last book is about Niko's sister who is attracted to a German jazz saxophone player who is also a spy searching for the Red Hand member who killed his brother.

These books contain fast-paced action, smoldering passion, humorous situations, and family closeness. I hope readers give them a chance.


Angela Adams said...

New covers look great! I think they give an "identity" to your characters.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Thanks, Angela. It took me awhile to decide on the theme I wanted. One handsome man in a suit? One bare-chested man? A couple? I spent hours deciding and looking at stock photos.

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