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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

There are Days When There's a Direct Disconnect Between My Mind and the Computer Screen.

I'm in the process of updating a book that was originally published as MONA LISA'S ROOM, a romantic suspense set mostly in Paris. It was released roughly five years ago, so any technology mentioned is out-dated. Something I need to correct. Someone asked me about my lack of humor in the book. Would I be adding some?

I hadn't thought of it.

Maybe that's why the book didn't sell. I'd blamed it on the title. I'm renaming it NIKO: LICENSED TO KILL. And if I could think of a good place to insert humor, by golly, I'd do it because I love laughing when I write. Especially if tears of mirth blur my seeing the computer screen.

Over a week ago, when I laid down for my afternoon nap--to rest my eyes, now. Not because I'm old, mind you. This idea came to me. I could see it happening in my mind. Boy, oh boy, was it funny. I laid there and laughed until the bed shook. This was it! The bit of humor the book needed.

I wrote the chapter leading up to it--a blend of the original chapter two and new segments setting up THE scene. I'm telling you, I couldn't wait to start chapter three. It was going to be hilarious. My readers would love it!

Today was the day and I was out of bed two hours earlier than usual, eager to get started. I wrote what I had seen in my mind.

Not one chuckle.

I rewrote it. Changed normal verbs to more powerful ones. Threw in more description to slow down the pace.


How could this be? It had been so darn funny in my mind. I couldn't think of it without breaking into hysterics. Reading it on the computer screen barely made me smile. Maybe I was being too hard on myself. You know, reality just couldn't live up to my expectations

Obviously, between my mind and my fingertips, there's been a great disconnect.

Calvin read it and smiled at a few places. Didn't laugh. Smiled. I sent it to my CP. She told me it was funny as hell. Okay, I feel a little better. I'll move on. In a week I'll go back and read over it again. No doubt make some more changes know...a writer is never satisfied.


Angela Adams said...

" know...a writer is never satisfied." -- very true!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I know of many who never read the finished book after it releases because they will find places where they will wish they'd written it differently. It's a curse. LOL